ISO.POETISM by tobias birk nielsen

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Ground Floor
In a constant expectation and search for hope in dystopia and poetry, the iconic Tobias Birk Nielsen menswear label comes to life from the Danish fog with its artefacts made in Copenhagen. The anonymous creator who graduated from the Royal Danish Academy matures his experience as assistant designer first in his hometown at Wood Wood and then moves to Barcelona where he completes his training in the atelier of the famous German designer Boris Bidjan Saberi. The brand was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the designer takes inspiration and designs his collections. Much attention is paid to the research of fabrics, always of high quality, and to the production that takes place in Italy, in Bologna. The creations, appreciated in every season, are a mix of functional details and artistic craftsmanship where relaxed cuts, consistent layers and hand dyed colours do not go unnoticed. The splashes of paint produce a strong pictorial graphic impact while the printed text recalls a youthful and streetwear style. For Tobias, fashion is much more than just a piece of clothing, in fact, in his projects you can also admire installations, sculptures, video exhibitions able to convey emotions, originality and authenticity.