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Ground Floor
Style Setters
The Ukrainian fashion label TTSWTRS went from locally loved to a world-known phenomenon worn by influencers after its creation in 2013 by former costume designer and stylist Anna Osmekhina. The brand now has 14 collections and sells in more than 17 outlets in 12 countries. Starting SS21 TTSWTRS is available on Farfetch. The brand's DNA was birthed from the inspiration and imitation of tattoos and now pushes the boundaries of humanity and artistry while remaining respectful of Planet Earth. The innovative products will have you questioning where the clothing ends and the body begins. Rethinking cultural heritage and tattoo allusions is a distinguishing feature through which the brand is known around the world. Anna Osmekhina works with emerging and established global artists to create illusionary prints. Beginning with tattoo artists, the list of collaborators has expanded to highlight the works of international 3D digital designers, architects, and sound designers, becoming the ultimate culturally collaborative brand.