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Ground Floor

Upe is a French kids’ clothing brand. 100% of our products are made both in France and from recycled fabrics. We are taking up the challenge of making nice, simple and durable clothes from what already exists ! We are promoting a cool, playful, dynamic and responsible kids’ fashion! We strongly believe that cool kids and cool families want recycled clothes! Our goal is to preserve the environment and make clothes that firstly ensure kids' comfort. That’s why we make deliberately oversized basic clothing they can live fully and freely with. We also believe in non gendered clothing. We want to leave kids free to express their own personality beyond clothing and wear what they want to without the stigma. We are committed to put environmental performance at the heart of each product’s design by choosing almost exclusively recycled fibers to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve natural resources. We are committed to produce in France in family-run business. We ensure full transparency and traceability in pour supply chain. We have chosen each supplier we work with for its savoir-faire, its reliability and the labour condition it provides. We are committed to support initiatives from the Surfrider Foundation Europe by donating 1€ per product sold to clean up French beaches.