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British brand, Urban Apothecary, started life from the kitchen table, fuelled by a passion for fragrance and desire to layer traditional ingredients of flowers, fruits, resins and woods in unconventional, contemporary ways. Every fragrance shaped from a collaboration of art with science, is inspired by a personal recollection brought to life through the clever blending of notes rich with ambiance. These distinctive aromas, a mixture of moods and memories, are curated into a collection of original scents for the home and body. Dress the urban environment with fragrances that inspire, nurture and transport, while choosing scents for yourself that engage the senses and leave you feeling luxuriously pampered. Founder Tajinder Banwait, both entrepreneur and beauty industry stalwart, is the creative force behind the brand. Part fragrance ‘nose’ and artisan, she is the perfumer-alchemist that brings an unusual approach to the pairing of botanicals. From an early age, Tajinder began a love affair with perfume that continues to this day. She believes that locking memories in fragrance, as if each were a scented snapshot, is a pleasing way to remember special moments. Hence every fragrance recounts a personal experience, from walking in woodland after rain, to catching the intriguing perfumed sillage of a passing stranger. These nostalgic musings encourage connection by evoking memories and becoming the catalyst for creating moods. Urban Apothecary was born at the kitchen table. It was here, with an abundance of aromatic botanicals spilling from beautiful bottles that an idea took root. Why not channel this love for fragrances that stir the senses, plus stylish home accessories, into a unique lifestyle collection. Today, there’s a Leicestershire candle factory and smart offices to house the beautifully crafted, award-winning collections, with every product, alongside all the scents, drawing deeply from the original ethos. On lighting one of the natural soy vegan candles, or after placing the smart black rattan reeds in the apothecary-style diffuser, a scented story begins to unravel in the air, note by note. Be engaged by aromatic expressions for the home that paint a mood through emotion, inspire the senses to fall in love with fragrance, and allow your own scented memoire to begin. Urban Apothecary is distributed in Denmark and Sweden by Brands of Beauty