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Ground Floor
Style Setters
Varg was born on the rugged Swedish west coast, encompassed by windswept rocks and the untamed salty sea. Having devoted most of our lives to challenge the forces of nature as elite sailors and alpinists, we knew what it takes of an outdoor garment to serve its purpose. We also knew that there was a need for high quality outdoor clothes that combine the functional and comfortable, with sportiveness and a sense of style. That special beautiful detail that adds personality and expression to your outfit. We went back to our roots for inspiration and found it in the indigenous craftmanship, among people who have learned to master life on nature’s own terms. Our mission is simple and straightforward: We make clothes that are stylish, functional, and comfortable with a personal tone, always with the highest quality and sustainability in mind. With Varg, we want you to feel that you wear something special and authentic that will accompany you through life’s adventures.