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Ground Floor
Verso Skincare Verso Skincare is a Swedish brand launched in 2013 with a strong Scandinavian spirit – simple, minimalistic and qualitative. They set out to start and lead a skincare revolution and are faithful to that mission. Verso believes in a daily skincare routine with few high-quality products that simultaneously achieve outstanding results. No shortcuts are taken during the development to ensure that all products meet this requirement. At the very core of the brand and its mission is Vitamin A. One of Verso's most important basic philosophies is to use at least one vitamin A product in every skincare routine. In the early 2010s, Verso´s founder Lars Fredriksson started his passionate journey to develop a cosmetic Vitamin A that would provide all the skin-caring benefits of the ingredient but with none to less irritation. By clinically testing different concentrations under the supervision of doctors from Karolinska University Hospital, the Vitamin A complex Retinol 8 was propelled into existence. The formulation proved to be eight times as effective and half as irritative as traditional Retinol. Verso aspires to be one of the top pioneers and industry leaders in the cosmetic field of this star ingredient with the ambition to develop effective and stable Vitamin A products based on a technology that won´t irritate the skin - without compromising on the result. With their unique Vitamin A complexes Retinol 8 and recently launched patented molecule NEAR 1, they stand for premium skincare rooted in science. Verso is Latin and means Reverse; the team behind Verso Skincare wants to help the skin turn back and function as it once did. Verso doesn’t wait for the latest breakthroughs and innovations; they create them!