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Ground Floor
Crafting the Future - an exhibition with attitude, diversity and focus on craftmanship 14 graduates have been selected to showcase a wide and diverse range of outfits for Copenhagen Fashion Week. They have all made conscious choices, experimented with materials and processing methods and made use of VIA’s industrial workshop facilities including knitting, printing, sewing, laser cut and embroidery. The outfits reflect a strong attitude towards the fashion industry, with the keywords aesthetics, quality, longevity, transformative clothing, zero waste, upcycling, leftover materials etc. The designers focus on craftmanship, manufacturing methods and details, and have gained a deep understanding of the products by constructing patterns themselves, sewing samples, adjusting them and sewing the final collections. Please welcome the next generation of designers that certainly will influence the inevitable transformation of the future fashion industry. ABOUT VIA Design and Business is one of the largest design and business academies in the Nordic region with more than 1100 students within the fashion, furniture and lifestyle industry. With campuses in Herning and in Aarhus we cover a wide range of specialities; Fashion Design Pattern Design Furniture Design Visual Communication Design Purchasing Management Retail Design and Business Branding and Marketing Management Entrepreneurship and Innovation The intersection between design and business is a unique part of our DNA, and collaboration across the specialities provides the graduates with an in-depth understanding of the company’s value chain. The main focus of the educations is to contribute to the green transition and the inevitable transformation of the future fashion industry in a more significant responsible direction. The future sustainable business models need new perspectives as e.g. creative thinking, prototyping, new technologies, new materials and rethinking consumer habits, within both design and business.