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VIKTORANISIMOV is a Ukrainian brand of designer clothes created for those who appreciate exclusive and stylish things, but are not ready to sacrifice quality or comfort. The aesthetics of the brand is as concise as possible and combines military, business and sports styles, which makes things truly unique and exclusive. Viktor Anisimov, promotes the idea of ​​forming a universal wardrobe from several compatible items that will be appropriate under any circumstances. The designer sets himself the task of creating a collection using the minimum amount of materials, so the brand's items can be easily combined with each other. Designer Viktor Anisimov was born in the Chernihiv region in 1964 – this part of Ukraine borders Russia in the North and has been under fire since the invasion began. Viktor spent his childhood there, studying at Ukrainian school and speaking Ukrainian until his admission to Military Institute of Physical Culture in Saint Petersburg. After graduation he returned to his homeland and settled down in Donetsk, where he lived until Russians destabilized the situation in the region in 2014. Last time Viktor visited Donetsk was April 30, 2014 and after that he moved to Kyiv to find a new peaceful life there and to continue developing his eponymous brand – VIKTORANISIMOV. Given Viktor’s background, his collections have always had a particular military flair, whether it’s the camouflage pattern or product design features. The limitless possibilities of clothing have always been explored in Viktor Anisimov’s work, therefore the concept of versatility is an integral part of the brand’s DNA and is the reason behind designer’s desire to endow the garment with multiple functions.