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Ground Floor
The simplicity and ethics of our products are the most important values for us. We are designing our products accordingly to our daily needs (as moms) and our dearest customers' ideas and tips. We are producing only the small parties of each product to be sure that everything will find an owner and we use our imagination to not throw out textiles but create something new from them. We do believe in the sustainability and responsibility of both, our work and life, and that is what we would like to share with all of You! Why the biggest part of our assortment is made with muslin cotton? Because this textile is delicate and caring for your skin but it can be used also for everything at your home - from the kitchen, throw bathroom towels, to all surfaces cloth. In our assortment you can find timeless and unisex Clothing Collection for the whole family, cozy Filled Blankets and beautiful Bedding Sets in 3 sizes, Changing Pads Covers, Swaddling Blankets, and Muslin Cloths in many amazing colors. The 'We are Kids' is not only the next brand for kids. We would like to give you a chance to feel as free as a child, doesn’t matter how old are you. That is why we build here the lifestyle, our small universe, which is wide open for all of You, because the 'We are Kids' is the brand for everyone, everywhere, and at any time. Currently, we also have the pleasure to introduce a new brand CannaFly and their extraordinary clothing, made with hemp textile. One of the oldest textiles is probably also one of the most sustainable textiles known. And CannaFly shows how to wear it to bring its powerful benefits to your simple and timeless wardrobe. Because our babies' comfort and healthy skin are one of the most common concerns. We do only that, what we believe in.