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Ground Floor
Wheat is one of the most popular kids clothing brands in Scandinavia and is well-known for high quality products with a strong design and focus on responsibility. Wheat Footwear is the newest addition to the Wheat family, which continues the Wheat DNA you already know and love. At Wheat Footwear, we create quality kids’ shoes the responsible way with designs that fits all your child's adventures. The children are in focus every step of the way with shoes that are adapted to the child's needs. We have put emphasis on comfort and durable materials and strive to use metal and chrome free materials and recycled components whenever possible. All the kids’ shoes are designed in Denmark by our in-house design team, where our hand drawn prints are a big part of our design DNA and are something that the children love. Most of our products are made in Portugal with a focus on transparency and responsible production by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals in our products, reducing the environmental impact of our production, and ensuring ethical working conditions. escription here