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Second Floor
2nd Floor
WHITE LABEL Blazers And as always White label offers a range of high quality, well tailored and detailed blazers in beautiful colors. Dresses Dresses are very much in fashion and you will find dresses in casual and comfortable shapes with lovely prints and soft qualities. Jackets The collection offers functional as well as trendy real and fake down jackets where the fitting is exceptional. Wool coats And off course, the more classic coats in wool mix qualities in both classic and more fashionable colors. Newness, trend, lux, high quality White Label never ceases to amaze with their newness, trend awareness, luxury quality to an affordable price point and by their knowledge about the market and what the consumer are looking for in their ambition to extend their seasonal wardrobe. Values And we salute White Label for their social and environmental responsibility that shows in paddings and fillings made of recycled pet bottles, down picked with humanity and recycled fabrics.