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Ground Floor
Wisqa was born with the dream of a sustainable industry, creating designs using our marvelous Peruvian natural fibers with which nature has blessed us. We take pride in stating that all our creation processes, from fiber sourcing to garment production, are carried out in Peru. Every detail, from color selection to knitting technique and choice of natural fibers, has been carefully chosen to create special, high-quality, timeless, and unique garments. We strive to make pieces that truly enchant those who acquire them, so they can enjoy them for many years, rather than just one season. Natural, sustainable creations crafted with respect for the environment are always the most beautiful. At Wisqa, we value the beauty that comes from nature itself and seek to convey that beauty in every garment we create. Join us on our mission to support conscious and sustainable fashion, where each garment tells a story and promotes positive change in our industry and the world around us. Welcome to Wisqa, where fashion meets sustainability!