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WUD is an Italian functional footwear brand founded in 2022 for a visionary yet necessary reason: preserving artisanal expertise and combining it with contemporary relevance. WUD represents a new development of an Italian, family-owned shoe factory started in the 1950s, and preserved for three generations since. The vision of integrating traditional craftsmanship with sustainable and circular innovation inspires our initiative to maintain a balance between traditions and innovations that is centered around people and environment. WUD combines traditional artisanal methods and techniques with forward-thinking concepts, to create superior, durable, and comfortable footwear, for every-day use. We produce genderless slides, sandals and mules, characterized by clean silhouettes, robust designs and meticulous attention to detail. Our products explore the connection between natural materials and innovation, blending a functional-meets-contemporary design approach with a signature material identity and a color palette focused on light and neutral shades, with distinctive brighter tints. The material aspect is paramount for every WUD collection, starting from the fundamental component of every WUD product: our sole. Our flexible-wooden sole is assembled from ethically-sourced, FSC-certified beech wood together with a repurposed rubber compound made with >60% recycled EVA, , and is designed to be extremely comfortable, breathable and durable. Inspired by simplicity and functionality, WUD products are sustainable because of the characteristics of the raw materials that we use. The choice of wood for our soles, together with the research of recycled and up-cycled materials for the uppers, significantly extends the lifespan of our products, supporting our commitment to create sustainable, durable and comfortable products for everyday use. The design of our products will evolve consistently with the unique and personal philosophy of WUD to guide our audience without closing anyone off in pre-defined boundaries, guaranteeing absolute freedom of movement and expression.