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First Floor
Milano, Italy. Since 1985. Two Italian brothers, martial arts masters, champions and first Italian Shaolin monk, create the first sneakers specifically tailored for the sport Wushu. Every aspect of the design combines the ornamental with the functional. Made with super lightweight EVA-soles and highest quality materials available. Wushu delivers a cloud-like comfort with every step. Released in white, black and multifaceted color matches. Unique footwear with the versatility to perform sport, push boundaries and turn heads on the streets. Authentic and unmistakable, only the WUSHU sneakers are characterized by the Ru Yi logo; an ancient Oriental symbol. The spiritual wisdom says it had a very rich meaning. Born as a traditional object, over the ages, Ru Yi has become the symbol of good fortune, bliss and heart fulfillment. Wushu sneakers - always recognizable with the iconic Ru Yi logo on the side.