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Ground Floor
Int. Bon Ton Toys is on a mission to bring children happiness. Int. Bon Ton Toys is established in 1933 and is as Soft toy producer on a mission. Mission to bring children happiness, protect their future and educate them about the world we're out to preserve. Bon Ton Toys produce according to the highest production standards in the industry, which means a non-toxic environment for people and their surroundings. Building better lives for workers and stronger industries through the ethical production of toys. All the plush is made with the utmost care. Every single item is hand finished. ​Long before climate change was real, and sustainability was even a word, Bon Ton Toys were putting smiles on faces. With premium plush animals, made with the highest regard for nature. It's the ways of our past that make us fit to fight for our future. By buying a WWF plush you are supporting your local WWF organization. GREAT PLUSH. BETTER WORLD.