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First Floor
Your feet are meant to bend, flex, move, and feel. Xero Shoes let them do that with our collection of radically light shoes and sandals built with a foot-first philosophy. Whether you’re a serious athlete, weekend warrior, or athleisurely casual, Xero’s comfort, durability, and styling takes you wherever you want to go. From mountain trails to urban jungles, Xero Shoes® help you Live Life Feet FirstTM! Our Story In 2007, at age 45, Steven Sashen decided to get back into sprinting after a thirty-year break and, for the next two years, was regularly sidelined by injuries. A friend gave him a copy of Born To Run and suggested he try running barefoot. Inspired, Steven took off his padded shoes and discovered the feedback he got from putting his bare feet on the ground revealed the cause of his problems and inspired the natural gait change that solved his issues. His injuries abated and Steven went on to become a Masters All-American sprinter. Wanting to feel the comfort and benefits of natural movement all the time, he made minimalist sandals for himself and his wife, Lena. When Lena wore hers walking and hiking, she also felt her gait change, her stride lighten, and her body relax more. Others immediately took notice of the couple’s unique sandals and asked how to get their own. Steven and Lena loved the idea of sharing the fun and benefits of natural movement, and soon were making them for friends. Of course, those friends shared them with their network of friends, and soon this movement spread the same way it started: naturally. Steven and Lena then uttered the five dangerous entrepreneurial words, “How hard could this be?” and launched Xero Shoes in November of 2009. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Xero Shoes has evolved into the top barefoot-style shoe brand in the U.S., with customers in over 97 countries. Xero Shoes offers styles in over a dozen footwear categories, including over 30 styles of casual and performance boots, shoes, and sandals so our customers can enjoy life-changing comfort and performance wherever they go. Vision: Enhancing the foundation Revolutionizing Health and Wellness by incorporating Mission: Natural Movement into everything we do, for everything your body does.