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Ground Floor
Xplor develops and manufactures workwear and uniforms that meet high comfort, functionality, and durability standards. Specialist knowledge of materials and design has made their products stand out in the market for professional workwear, and durable products with a long service life have been their hallmark for nearly 20 years. As an innovative workwear company and bluesign® system partner, Xplor works to ensure traceability, transparency, and accountability throughout the entire value chain. Their goal is to produce high-performing, resource-efficient, and long-lasting products made from recycled materials, designed for recyclability. The Mono range is made of 100% recycled GRS-certified polyester in both the membrane and outer fabric, so the products can be recycled as a mono-material. Trims are positioned and designed for easy removal before recycling. The result: material use has been reduced by 15–26% compared to similar garments, the performance has been improved, and high abrasion resistance is maintained for a long service life.