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Winter Fun on the Fairway

The enjoyment of pleasant rounds on the green without shivering in the cold winter months has been possible for quite some time – thanks to revolutionary developments in Tech Golf Wear. As one of the pioneers, ALBERTO Golf has made extraordinary contributions to this evolution. For the next winter season, the company is launching new styles, innovative functions and novel colors as well as patterns to make an even bigger splash. Find out what golf enthusiasts can look forward to now!

In 2004, a plane took off for the United States – and with it the success story of ALBERTO’s Golf Collection. On board: managing directors Georg Walendy and Marco Lanowy. In their luggage: any number of creative ideas for a modern, functional golfwear collection. In the States, Walendy and Lanowy were met by golf pro Alex Cejka, who at the time was attracting a lot of attention for wearing ALBERTO pants on the green rather than golf pants. His enthusiasm for the pants in the men's collection led to a promising collaboration with the men’s fashion label, and ALBERTO took on the challenge of injecting new life into the sportswear market. ALBERTO’s long history of fashion expertise and the development and use of innovative materials gave rise to a golf wear collection in a class of its own, with striking designs, flawless tailoring, and brand new functions Since then, the label has earned a reputation for being one of the best – golfers have come to count on the functional, expressively fashionable golf pants and shirts from Mönchengladbach.