CIFF has sustainability as a core value

As a major player in the fashion field we play an integral part in helping the industry along.

With an extensive, growing environmental and social footprint across the globe, there is an urgent need to accelerate the fashion industry’s sustainable transformation. 

As one of the only trade fairs, CIFF signed the Business of Fashion initiative #rewiringfashion, encouraging the industry to do longer seasons and to combine men’s and women’s fashion weeks, with the purpose of enabling longer full-price sell-through, minimize travel requirements and de-gender fashion week.

The growing demand from both consumers, civil society and government makes sustainability mission-critical for companies within fashion and apparel. The sharpened focus on sustainability might be the most important thing that has happened in the fashion industry since e-commerce and an inevitable path for us to go. CIFF Sustain is our pledge to facilitating and pushing the sustainable agenda -contributing to the massive transformation we all need to go through over the next couple of years.

Together with some of the most important players both nationally and internationally, including retail, brands and interest groups such as Selfridges, Prada and the British Fashion Council, CIFF commits to work for a more sustainable future within fashion.

#rewiringfashion is a proposal for the global fashion industry, the product of ongoing conversations between a growing group of independent designers, CEOs and retail executives from around the world who have come together in this challenging time to rethink how the fashion industry could — and should — work.