Ground Floor
Contemporary Womenswear & Menswear
Inspired by his many journeys to the United States, Michaël Azoulay created the French brand American Vintage in 2005. With his intuitiveness and curiosity, he was able to reenergize the t-shirt by updating this cornerstone of the women’s wardrobe. The collections are drawn in minimalistic and authentic lines, giving people a chance to reinvent themselves daily. Cuts inspired by the casual wardrobe and a subtle color palette are the hallmarks of the brand’s recognizable style. The use of natural materials, a quality feel, and a vintage treatment breath life into every item. Visionary with infallible flair, the young entrepreneur from Marseille, transmits the values that are dear to him: the love of good craftsmanship, the attention to detail, kindness, but also sincerity and a sense of sharing.