First Floor
CIFF Village 1st floor
When you hear about us, focus on the least important thing, "that we are a DENIM BRAND". Yes, that's right, we are a denim brand, but we are much more. ANDESITES is created for people who want to take on the world, without stopping to think about what could go wrong. For PEOPLE who stumble and don't fall, but instead find a way to get back up stronger. It is created for daring people who want to dress as they want to, when they want to, regardless of whether they like fashion or not. It is made for people who are not afraid to FALL IN LOVE, to lose themselves. In order to find themselves, to enjoy LIFE and feel free. In short, our brand is for the people who are excited to live life to the fullest. ANDESITES means Andesite in french. And it is a volcanic rock formed when the lava comes out from volcanic eruptions and flows down till get in contact with sea water. Andesite generally has a light or dark grey color but the most rare ones have a green tint. With the color of our buttons, we evoke the colors of this special stone. It is so important to our brand we have even made it our trademark.