First Floor
CIFF Village 1st floor
101 + ES-006 (groundfloor)


BALL takes you back to basics

Originality is not something you create. Originality is something you achieve - if you have the vision to see what no one else sees. Originality is about being unique, innovative and having the ability to break established patterns. When we use words like fashion icons, must-haves and long-lasting classics, we know we’re talking about something special, something original, worth treasuring and building on. Like BALL.

With equal parts Italian blood and a sense of quality in every stitch, BALL is more relevant than ever. Based on the original styles, with a blend of nostalgia and modernity, BALL is back in business for anyone with an eye for quality and style. The new BALL is for those who recognize that understated and exclusive are not opposites, and those who love an edgy, casual coolness. It’s said that originality never goes out of style, and that’s exactly why BALL takes you back to basics with respect for what has been and excitement for what is to come.