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Baracuta is an historic British clothing brand. Founded by the Miller brothers in Manchester in 1937, the iconic G9, G4 and G10 jackets have become timeless classics. The G9, also known as the Harrington Jacket, is still one of the most sought-after pieces in the history of menswear. Along with its distinctive Fraser Tartan lining, granted to the Millers by Lord Fraser Lovat of the Lovat family, and recognisable umbrella yoke on the back, it’s evident the brothers created nothing short of a Classic. The G9 cult exploded in the 1950’s with its distribution in the United States and the adoption of the brand by high-profile celebrities in the film and music industries. In 1964, Baracuta’s G9 jacket became universally known as the "Harrington" thanks to actor Ryan O’Neal, who wore it while playing Rodney Harrington on the sitcom Peyton Palace. Years following, Baracuta’s signature piece, was also adopted by several youth subcultures, including the mods, punks, skinheads and rockers. Baracuta's Flagship Store is in Milan, Via de Amicis 24.