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BURLINGTON - BRAND AND HISTORY Burlington stands for the typical British argyle pattern. This consists of diamond-shaped blocks that are arranged like a chessboard with crossed stripes in contrasting colours. Due to the Argyle as a core element, the British flair and tradition, the products have a high recognition value and become “Iconic-Products”. The individuality and strength of this style are the expression of an exclusive way of life, which interprets the "Brit-Style“ internationally and acts playfully with traditions. Especially because of the creative patterns as well as the variety and intensity of the colours the articles become modern „life-style products“ and let the customer make fashion statements and create a distinctive look. From traditional argyle patterns to on-trend products and seasonal items to holiday socks, Burlington represents every mood, style and occasion. Burlington‘s originality and uniqueness are highlighted by the Burlington clip and the “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL” concept. Thanks to this concept, Burlington socks fit every foot and are therefore ideally suited as a gift. The roots of the typical argyle pattern lie in British culture. As early as the 18th century, the argyle was known as a symbol of affiliation with the Scottish clans. The most powerful of these clans, the Campbells of Argyll, ultimately made this pattern popular on socks. Since 2008, Burlington belongs to the FALKE Group, which owns the brand rights for the European, African, Australian and South American markets as well as the market in the Middle East. As a part of the traditional FALKE brand, Burlington has perfected its fabric and shaped the sock trend ever since. High-quality materials are crafted into original Burlington socks in Europe and at its home site in Schmallenberg. These include knitted hosiery articles as well as outerwear for women and men, which are certified with Oekotex100. The ever-increasing attention of the customer to the importance of the sustainability of clothing, the brand has taken the opportunity to expand its collection with an organic Capsule. Thus, Burlington becomes a brand that meets all wishes.