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For 30 years Charlotte Sparre has been creating unique prints in amazing colorways on exclusive fabrics. Charlottes aim is to make women stand out, feel good, not only by looking good, but by wearing smooth natural fabrics which the body can breathe in and will adjust to the body temperature. Charlotte started her brand with silk and this is still her favorite quality. However today you will find both beautiful, printed linen and viscose in her collection. The fabric and the quality are number one priority for Charlotte. With the best quality you will get a piece of garment that will last for many years. The fashion business is not sustainable, but by selling collections which will remain beautiful for many years, the water consumption pr piece of garment is very small, especially compared to a piece of fast fashion. We sincerely hope that more and more consumers will require this from their brands, so that we can reduce the water footprint on this planet.