Digital Exclusive

Circus Hotel was born in 2012, with a first circus-referred capsule (hence the name “CIRCUS”), addressed to a modern globetrotter (thus the name “HOTEL).

“The difference between a traveler and a tourist is that the tourist feels homesick from day one. I am a traveler”.

This spirit of travel becomes central to the creative expression of the designer, who assimilates the essences of every country she encounters, experiences, or imagines, mixing them under her personal flag.

Since their beginning, the collections are characterized by the presence of an eclectic, cheerful and versatile knitwear, which develops around hyper-colored jacquards and a bold workmanship, with a strong lurex component.

High quality and made in Italy make it immediately appealing to the most demanding customers. Finesses and volumes in the name of experimentation and innovation, provide an “unconventional” comfort. Graphics and games of lines become the starting point to create a total look made with impalpable and textured fabrics. Its sweatshirts and t-shirts, together with a special denim idea, wink to the latest streetwear, with their iconic “bling bling” accessories, to complete the ensemble.

In perennial evolution, CIRCUS HOTEL opens to new horizons, enriching its proposal with an important focus of both knitted and woven garments, in a mix of shapes, materials and textures, in complete balance one another, still recalling the original circus walker.

Nomad and contemporary, urban and sophisticated: the woman who animates the creative world has colors and imagination in her pockets and makes no compromise.

Many contaminations for many women, aware they’re not labelled, with a strong dose of personality, who want to express themselves through the garments they wear.