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esmé studios is a Danish lifestyle and fashion brand as well as a statement about you and your values. We want to be part of a drive to change the fashion industry from fast fashion to one that is focused on slow fashion. Every day, we strive to make it simpler for you to select responsibly made, durable clothing of long-lasting designs without sacrificing quality. We combine the very best in terms of comfort, materials, and design while making sure that it’s produced in an ethical and socially responsible way. We can’t ignore our Scandinavian heritage which speaks of minimalism, functionality, and timeless designs - something we believe goes very well with the philosophy of slow fashion. Our clothes are meant to be worn for your everyday life - and for a long time. They’re soft and comfortable for relaxing at home and, at the same time, stylish and refined enough to be right for workplaces too. They are sophisticated and versatile. Our designs effortlessly blend in elements from the latest trends, creating a timeless style meant to last.