Digital Exclusive

At Fat Moose we are passionate about creating a lifestyle rather than just creating clothes. Designed to be more than just a fashion statement, it’s a reflection of the cool and confident person who wears them. The AW24 collection embodies that philosophy with a range of jackets and clothing that are both stylish and practical. The AW24 collection includes for the first time ever also a Female line. Same as Male, it is designed for the dynamic adventurer who is unapologetically himself, and is a perfect blend of street and fashion, taking inspiration from the 90s while keeping that cool Fat Moose vibe intact. We call the collection: The sky, The streets and The days out. The Sky refers to our standout piece, the Sky jacket and being outside, under the sky. The Sky jacket is perfect for all outdoor living either for outdoor adventures or urban outings. For AW24 we have given it a winter upgrade to ensure maximum warmth and comfort. The streets are where we belong & The days out are our ultimate escape. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create clothes that you can wear all day, keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable throughout your daily URBAN or OUTDOOR adventures. Our tagline ’Go out, stay out’ describes it perfectly.