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FLOWER MOUNTAIN HISTORY The basic idea behind Flower Mountain came from the search for a comfortable, relaxing lifestyle, and the opportunity to fully enjoy it. Flower Mountain originated from a meeting between Mr. Keisuke Ota from Tokyo and Mr. Yang Chao from Beijing, who discovered that they had a common passion for mountain trekking, music and quite obviously, footwear. They became firm friends and decided to take a trip to the “Mount Fuji Fuji Rock Festival” where they came up with the idea of designing a functional and attractive shoe called Flower Mountain. In 2015 they first founded, together with Federica Wang, the Dandelion mountaineering association and started designing their first shoe collection. In 2016 the team joined forces with the Italian company Falc S.p.A and took Flower Mountain to a whole new level introducing the brand on international markets. The new team can rightfully claim to have the most advanced technology and production know-how on the market, based on Italian tradition as well as numerous marketing specialists and a widespread international distribution network. JAPANESE HERITAGE and URBAN ATTITUDE The colours, the use of Japanese fabrics and the high quality of craftsmanship are the brand’s distinctive signature, yet the Japanese tradition merges with urban traits. Every Flower Mountain collection leads us to the megacities of Japan with their geometric lines which intersect within the urban space, giving life to original designs. Metropolitan look and hiking inspiration characterise every Flower Mountain sneaker. NATURE LIFESTYLE and SOPHISTICATED OUTDOOR Our mission is to bring people closer together and to nature through beautiful footwear, apparel and accessories inspired by the natural world. Flower Mountain so draws inspiration from the cycles of nature, using naturalistic motifs and bright colors. The result is perfect for sporty souls, who seek refined looks. NATURAL CORK INSOLE All Flower Mountain shoes are internally lined in leather with an additional natural cork insole. Both are treated with AGION, a natural mineral compound that prevents the formation of mould and keeps bacteria away. This makes Flower Mountains sneakers hygienic, extremely comfortable and extends the lifespan of the product. All models have a lightweight, non-slip rubber sole and tread with “special outdoor grip”, suitable for trekking and walks in the open air.