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Contemporary Womenswear & Menswear
To Our Units, sustainability in the outer world begins in the inner: Being the trouser specialists behind the brands, Five Units and Plain Units, they create trousers with love to make a positive impact on people and planet. Their purpose is to encourage everyone they touch to embrace themselves and take brave steps towards a better balance in life and the world. With the ambition to create trousers for human beings and take co-responsibility for the trousers’ entire life, Five and Plain Units focus on durable materials, design for longevity, and user engagement in product improvements and assortment. The trouser specialists want to secure a match when purchasing to motivate prolonged usage and maintenance. Also, their online community inspires users to care for their trousers, giving them the possibility to order free repair kits, send in trousers for repair and send back worn-out trousers. Furthermore, Five and Plain Units have replaced the individual plastic garment bags with paper wrapping. Five and Plain Units’ holistic step-by-step approach to circularity also includes a closer relationship with retailers, suppliers, and opinion makers to engage the entire ecosystem to move towards a more responsible clothing industry.