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Ground Floor
Our main goal is to become the leading trendsetters in Europe in a fast-moving fashion industry that follows the latest trends for women´s handbags. As the world is turning, everyone is trying to speed up and keep up the pace, trends todays are spotted online and next week available in stores, for everyone to purchase. The early bird catches the worm, but we didn’t just catch it, we made a colony, of pure intentional trends - just call us psychic, but we saw the future and made fashion. Stylism is the definition of a bold and confident soul, someone who never dulls their shine for somebody else. In a time where confidence is everything, we dare where others don’t, spotting the right trends at the right time, making sure that our Stylism girl never loses her shine. So here is to all the misfits of the world, we see you, and we made sure that the world will too, in a colorful and divergent universe. This journey began the day we started to express ourselves in style, a way of letting the world in on our perfectly imperfect personalities. The fun and free spirits, the first movers, the ones who changes the way we see this world, by being the change we see. Art doesn’t have to come painted on a canvas; art can come in the form of fashion, in the form of STYLISM.