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Ground Floor

TRANSIT is a small rarity being one of the few companies in Italy that still keeps the entire production cycle in-house maintaining a form of "industrial" craftsmanship. TRANSIT philosophy focuses on high-quality raw materials, on an understated elegance The TRANSIT woman is cosmopolitan, curious, a lover of design and innovation without any excess. Our products do not follow fads. With clean-cut lines and unfailingly astonishing blends of materials, they span the seasons and are suitable for everything from sitting on the sofa and working in the office to travelling and shopping. They are cliché-free but their character is plain to see in every single detail. We like to go against the trend. We are bored by banality and prefer to be curious, discover new combinations, reveal even more sophisticated shades, and carry on experimenting a little more, pushing beyond the permitted boundaries so that we are easily recognizable at all times.