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Sustainability begins by not discarding something that isn't broken. But having a full laundry basket of lonely socks is also pointless. That's why we make socks available for purchase by the piece. Customers can mix and match on the spot! All our 12 styles complement each other perfectly. How? A palette of nine carefully selected colors that blend seamlessly is the foundation of this collection. While we appreciate colors, we prefer to avoid busy patterns. Therefore, each style features two large color blocks and two small stripes. As we value attention to detail, we've included a cotton label on the back of each sock, embroidered with our logo and the style's name. And... for an extra touch, each size has its own toe tip color. This makes it easy to identify your own socks in the laundry! So yes, I guess we really have a fun and sustainable concept. However, we also prioritize quality. Our socks are crafted with 85% merino wool, a significant percentage! They are knitted in Portugal, featuring a true rib structure for extra comfort at the calves. The yarn is spun in Italy, weaving a European story into each pair. Almost forgot to mention this one: 'Zokk'n' is West-Flemish dialect for socks, and I, Nadia, founder and creator, chose this name to pay homage to my roots and express my preference for European production.