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Dynamism, femininity and elegance are the elements that characterise an ACCESS FASHION woman and have been an integral part of the greek fashion brand collections from 2000 until today. The company was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece, by Katerina Kitsou in collaboration with people who supported her from the start in every step she took. Guided by diversity in the greek style, which matches influences from different cultures, ACCESS FASHION signs a curated mix of options every season that covers basics, fashion, and special occasion elements. In addition, the brand emphasises the quality of fabrics while having its gaze directed to sustainability. Always aiming for the vanguard, ACCESS FASHION creates collections for people of every age and style. Further, the brand's outfits are appropriate for all occasions. The materials the brand uses for the production of every collection are of high quality and highlight the femininity of the female body. The contemporary aura of ACCESS FASHION clothing reflects in the prints and fabrics it chooses for them to be easy to wear, address every age, and add elegance to every look.