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Adele Cph Denmark – my company and me.

My name is Lena Lorentzen, and I previously worked as a flower arranger, after which I jumped into designing home interiors.

Now, however, I have thrown my love into the jewelry universe, and all my jewelry is produced by myself here in Copenhagen.

I created Adele Cph Denmark back in September 2017.

Here I focus on designing colorful and graphic jewelery - with the main emphasis on Japanese glass beads, gemstones and other pearls. Just as I also play with the design and production of other good quality jewellery.

All small glass beads are gold-plated silver and sterling silver.

All jewelery is made in Copenhagen.

The little part of my jewelry that is not gemstones or glass beads is jewelry that I design myself and have custom-made abroad. These are also always sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver or surgical steel.