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Börjesson was established by Bengt Börjesson in 1899 as a traditional tannery, located in Bjästa, Sweden. Around 25 years later his sons started manufacturing gloves in what became Sweden’s largest glove factory. Börjesson is still a family owned business with the difference being of a new family at the helm. Our hope is to bring new energy to Börjesson whilst preserving the core values. Our range includes in the majority naturally produced materials, as it has been from the beginning. We have articles that will suit most activities, whether you are out on the ski-slopes or prefer a more sedentary approach. We use the knowledge we have gained from the industry over the last 100 years, implemented with technical qualities to produce high-grade articles. We are constantly striving for the best to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Mission: Supply articles that give feelings of comfort, warmth and satisfaction, Grow a sustainable business model, Support women entrepreneurs in developing countries, along with sponsorship of environmental causes. Go out and experience the Nordic feeling!