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In 1886, BRONX Shoes was founded as a true family business—a testament to the enduring love for both shoes and people. For four generations, the Dijkmans family has shared their passion, knowledge, and experience with the world, shaping the brand we know today. A century ago, it was Dijkmans Shoes; today, it stands as BRONX Shoes. Dedicated to both people and the planet, BRONX Shoes has woven diversity and responsibility into its very DNA. The brand designs shoes for those who have the courage to stand out, with the goal of instilling confidence and happiness. BRONX remains steadfast in its vision, staying true to its core values while constantly breathing new life into the world of shoe fashion. 'Escaping the Ordinary' serves as our motto, and the proof lies in our fashion-forward collections. BRONX is a shoe brand that offers a diverse range of products, including chunky split-tone sneakers, fashion-forward boots, and alluring dressy heels. Our products embody a strong and confident style, reflecting a poised and collected approach to life. In addition to our two main collections and in-season drops, we showcase a wide array of styles that mirror BRONX's elevated and outspoken identity. This underscores our unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of talented individuals.