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Premium & Classic Apparel
JEF, a brand expressing multiculturalism and lusophony, to conquest the world! At JEF we dare to have no boundaries and to know no limits. Propelled by the bold spirit that explorers possess, we are driven by the ambition to strengthen bonds between nations and cultures. We talk, feel and create in Portuguese and this language. We reinterpret the collective lusophone identity and project it into contemporary fashion designs. At JEF we turn multiculturalism and diversity in our essence. JEF is a company grounded on simple ideas: quality, elegance and the confort of its garments. JEF is not just about producing clothes, it is about designing pieces that reflect emotions, aesthetic concerns and a profound appreciation of Lusophone culture, resulting in timeless garments that are rich in stories, yet perfectly modern. The core values of JEF’s identity are: - Pride in Portugal and Lusophony; - Merger of cultural influences, stimulated by the Portuguese language; - Adventure, freedom, challenge, discovery and conquest; - The colors green, yellow and red which are included in all the flags of the Lusophone countries; - Ethnic influences and multiculturalism.