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WE BELIEVE THAT GOOD QUALITY NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION Every time we design a piece of garment, we strive to create your new favorite classic which you will use for years to come and which makes you happy every time you wear it. We have a strong focus on good craftsmanship and high comfort and we carefully handpick our yarns and fabrics in relation to both quality and sustainability. The style is oversized and relaxed, and we swarm to the timeless Scandinavian design tradition in beautiful dusty and matching colors. We work exclusively with European manufactures - just as the majority of our yarns and fabrics are produced in Europe too. Muse is a small Danish design company founded in 2013. We are anchored in Thy with the great North Sea and Thy National Park as our nearest neighbors, and it is with this beauty wild in mind we design new muses. Maria Gudiksen Designer and Founder