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Ground Floor

Syversen AS/Int. AB is a Scandinavian distributor of international brands of socks, tights, swimwear and underwear. We have over 80 years of experience and deliver goods to more than 2,000 retail partners in northern Europe. Our main goal is to deliver the right product at the right time to our retail partners, and help them grow revenue. We work with all department stores in our region, some of the biggest chains, E-Com and many independent fashion boutiques.

Syversen Group owns 100% of Panos Emporio AB. We do in house design, supplychain, production via external production partners, marketing, sales and distribution. Panos Emporio is sold through selected retail partners through us globally through our B2B, E-Com or distribution partners.

Panos Emporio is one of the worlds leading swimwear labels. Known for quality and fit since 1986, all designed in Scandinavia.

And with long experience in trends and product development we aim for “Affordable luxury that’s better for our planet”

In 2020 we also launched high quality legwear, apparel and underwear collections

We design essential products to live in, for multi purpose use and basic needs. We create our products using technology and as many innovative & recyclable elements as possible.

As a brand owner we have a responsibility to push forward and to make better products. Better to wear, better for your skin, but also better for our planet. “Sustainable” is a difficult word to use when producing textiles, but we really work hard to create better products in every way every day with Design-Purpose-Science-Durability as our keywords.