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DescriptioIt all started with an imagination that turned dreams into reality then with this imagination blended with the utmost eagerness to explore the world, Vauva came to life. Vauva, named after the Finnish word for a very small child, is a Hong Kong-based kids fashion brand dedicated to making safe, comfortable, and stylish clothing for children to play, dream, and grow. It was founded in 2016 and continues to inspire parents and their children to always remember life's most important values; to love, hope, dream, and explore. Vauva's humble beginnings started with its unique collections that are later continued through the years and are always made with a combination of art and a love for nature. Scandinavian art which originated in the Nordic countries captured Vauva's heart as it carries a sight of vibrant colors and repeating patterns that served as the inspiration for every Vauva piece produced. Vauva is always recognizable by its innovative styles purposely designed for convenience and its bright colors along with all-over patterns of playful and chic characters. Vauva believes that every child deserves to be loved in all forms and to hope, dream, and explore freely. Mushroom represents dreams, fantasies, and imaginations. Children are full of dreams and imaginations. Cup symbolizes warmth and coziness. Vauva brings warmth to its little wearers. Nut symbolizes a precious seed like children that will eventually grow with the love of learning and exploring.