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Ground Floor
In 2002 the married couple Charlotte and Peter Galsgaard started Wheat, a Danish kids fashion brand. They experienced a Scandinavian market filled with polyester and other synthetic materials and their mission became to create a brand focusing on natural fibers and sustainability, a clear design DNA and passionate values. At the time, there were no real Danish precedents and the couple had to do their own natural material sourcing, to make sure that they got the best product quality. The natural fibers also became the inspiration for the brand name, Wheat. The Danish wheat fields at summertime swaying in the wind, became the symbol of the natural fibers used and an association with a strong brand identity. Wheat offers a strong, Scandinavian design tradition and stands out with its unique, hand-drawn signature prints, which are represented in the collections every season. As well as shoes, Thermo-, Rain-, and Outerwear that are some of the brand’s great successes. Along with the high quality and comfort it is defining for the brand.