Ground Floor
The story of HUTTEliHUT began in a home office with a sewing machine and a passion. 10 hats made it to a local children’s clothing store in Aarhus, Denmark and then quickly ended up on 10 pairs of small ears in the Danish winter cold. From then on, the office got busy, 2000 hats were sewed inhouse one winter and it was obvious that help was needed, to keep up with the demands. Today, each HUTTEliHUT product is still designed inhouse and produced with love & care by our trusted suppliers. The HUTTEliHUT hats have been joined by a full collection range of warm baby suits, beautifully knitted items as well as wide range of shirts & romantic dresses. Children from around the world now have the possibility to dress in the lovely garments. We take inspiration from the Nordic nature. Douche colours and simple motives characterize our classic products. From warm winter hats to light summer wardrobe essentials. Many things have changed since the journey took off more than 20 years ago, but most important, our values haven’t changed at all. We are still guided by the aim to deliver high quality in everything we do.